Head.Dance is a music game where you catch the beats by nodding your head!
Four tunnels are in front of you -- tip your head towards one to catch a beat that's about to reach you!
For extra points, wait until the last moment before turning to catch a beat right as it reaches you!
Aiming in Head.Dance is done entirely by how your head is turned (NOT by your Altspace cursor!)
For the targets on the sides, you can TURN your head (chin to shoulder), OR you can TILT your head (ear to shoulder)! Whichever you prefer!
The animation when a beat reaches you shows how well you did:
  • If the beat shrinks to a black dot, that means you missed it.
  • If it thins out to a line, that means you caught it.
  • If it spins and turns white, that means you caught it with excellent timing!
(But, the first note of a song is always worth full points, since you start out facing that direction anyway -- don't worry about looking away and back just for the first note.)
Please note that at the moment, Altspace has a few bugs relating to audio sync, that might interfere with your game slightly:
  • On PC, if the music starts to stutter or pop, that means it's fallen out of sync with the visuals, and all you can do is reload the enclosure to fix it.
  • On Mac, the music might just be slightly out of sync no matter what you do. Reloading the enclosure might help, or might make it worse...
These bugs have been reported to Altspace, but please, let them know if they're affecting you too!